About us

Hello and welcome!

Are you looking for designer lights? Then you are in the right place because here at Rusty Lamp Creation Industrial is our style!

We started Rusty Lamp Creations as a dedication to the style that will not only fill your room with a warm light but with a unique design that will be the talking point in your home. Rusty Lamp founders and designers are based in Norway and the United States; we travel around the world to hand pick the best industrial lighting to give your home, bar or restaurant that “designers touch.” We have set new standards in all of our products when it comes to quality, originality, functionality, and creativity!

Rusty Lamp came about when we found an old and rusty lamp that was full of dust and history, we placed a vintage Edison filament bulb in it, and turned it into a modern lighting fixture. That’s what we live for! Finding the best design of “rusty” lamps and offering them to somebody who appreciates a simple design!

We specialize in one thing which is industrial style lighting. Our ultimate goal is to design space that reflects your taste and lifestyle. Whether your project includes a dining room, living room, dining room, bedroom, or office, we have products and ideas to meet all your needs. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to find the perfect products that satisfy their design, style and budget!

At Rusty Lamp Creations it’s our goal to help you make your home all that it can be. Contact us today if you are looking for that unique item, have large quantity orders, or if you just want to give us your opinion on what we do and let’s work together to make your home more beautiful one lamp at a time!

Rusty Lamp Creations